Why Is Your Yoga Practice Important to You?

Yoga is a Lifelong Journey – I’m On Board for Life and Always Refining.

Balance, Peace, Health, Truth, Clarity come from Yoga.

Yoga Accelerates the Pace of my Personal Evolution; In All Ways.

Yoga, because it keeps me Peaceful and Healthy and in Alignment with my Soul and Purpose.

Yoga, because it Connects Me Deeper to Humanity and to the Practice that is Off-the-Mat.

Yoga Helps to Keep Me (somewhat) Sane.

Yoga is Life, Peace, Freedom, Humility, Compassion, Awareness.

Yoga is a Pathway to my Growth and Awareness.

Yoga is an Important Self-Care and Personal Therapy Practices.

Yoga is a Blueprint to Being Comfortable in My Own Skin.

Yoga Keeps Me Consciously Breathing.

Yoga is the Beginning of Everything.

My Yoga Practice is My Inner Sanctuary Where I Reconnect with Poise and Serenity Daily.

Yoga is a Pathway to Divine Guidance.

Yoga Keeps Mind and Body Flexible, Steady & Open.

My Yoga Practice Always Brings to the Center of the Present Moment. 

The Energetics of My Practice is a Part of My Life, an Art Form that is Inseparable from my Way of Being in my World.

Yoga Informs my Path and Purpose.

My Yoga Practice Brings Me Both Peace of Mind and the Fire to Create an Action (MY Karma).

My Yoga Practice Gives Me the Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit to be able to Serve Humanity from a Grounded, Whole Place of Love and Devotion for our Collective Healing and Transformation.

Yoga brings Peace and Comfort in Every Breath I Take, On or Off the Mat.

I Practice Yoga because it Allows Me to Elevate my Consciousness and Character.

Yoga is a Practice for How I Want to Live My Life.

Yoga Provides Me with Tools that Enhances my Personal and Professional Development.

Practicing Yoga Confers Benefits onto the Body, Nervous System, and Mind.

My Being Wants the Freedom and My Heart Needs the Stillness Discovered by the Practice of Yoga.

Practicing You is art of Imperfection that Signals We Need More Practice. 

An Island of Excellence

Mar 9, 2022Philosophy & Theory, YŪ Articles

An Island of Excellence

The Patanjali Sutras 1:1 offers us the premise of the yoga lifestyle that we might come to understand the nature of our human condition. That the practice of yoga is meant to address the Self, the nature of that which IS, the I AM.

Patanjali long held that the human being is an island of excellence. That to be born human is the greatest of all achievements, and likewise, to die without knowing the essence of life is our greatest loss.

1:1 Now begins the instruction of the practice of yoga.

Atha yoganusasanam

To fully understand our mind and attain mastery over it, so that we might harness its vast powers is at the core of yoga philosophy, lifestyle and practice.

We are beings with the capacity to self-illuminate, to access and capture for use our innate intuitive divine intelligence, that which constitutes the core of our island of excellence. The great I AM is THAT.

Our capacity for divine intelligence allows us to comprehend the reality we know as time-space, the law of cause and effect and rational thought. This ability to self illuminate also gives us cause to transcend this reality, what the sages have cited as our ability to enter into a transcendental reality of genius and ingenuity.

When we are bathed in this inner wisdom, we are a powerful interceptor of ignorance, false identification, attachments, aversion and the fear of death. We become capable of becoming fully established in our true Self.

The path of yoga establishes with Self the ancient tradition of shakti sadhana, a daily spiritual practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation (dhyana) and affirming mantras together known as the Kriya. All of these to (re)establish the pristine nature of our innate mind, to recapture its immense power and wisdom for the purpose of revealing who we are, to know the I AM within.

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