Why Is Your Yoga Practice Important to You?

Yoga is a lifelong journey – I’m on board for life and always refining.

Balance, peace, health, truth, and clarity.

It accelerates the pace of my personal evolution, in all ways.

Because it keeps me peaceful and healthy and in alignment with my soul and purpose.

Because it connects me deeper to humanity and to the practice off-the-mat

It helps to keep me somewhat sane.

life. peace. freedom. humility. compassion. awareness.

It is the pathway to my own growth and awareness.

Yoga is among my most important self-care and personal therapy practices.

It’s a blueprint to being comfortable in my own skin

It keeps me alive.

Yoga is everything

My Yoga practice is my inner sanctuary where I reconnect with poise and serenity in the middle of life’s demands.

Yoga is my pathway toward Divine guidance on a daily basis.

keeps mind & body flexible, steady & open

My yoga practice always brings me back to my center in the present moment.

The energetics of my practice is a part of my life; the art is inseparable from my way of being in the world.

It informs my path and purpose and helps me be congruent with what I’m teaching.

My yoga practice brings me both peace of mind and the fire to create an action (karma)

My yoga practice gives me the balance of mind, body, and spirit to be able to serve humanity from a grounded, whole place of love, and devotion for our collective healing and transformation.

Yoga brings peace and comfort, especially during difficult periods.

I practice yoga because it allows me to elevate my consciousness and character

Yoga is a practice for how I want to live my life.

Yoga provides me with tools that enhances my personal and professional development.

Because practicing yoga confers benefits on the body, nervous system, and mind all at the same time.

My being wants freedom and my heart needs stillness.

Practicing doesn’t mean I get it perfect every time; it actually means we need more practice.

A heartfelt thank you to the teachers who have accepted honorary Qualification award from YŪ and listed their courses here to aide us in demonstrating what is possible with a central catalog of course listings by Qualified YŪ teachers. We look forward to all of these dedicated teachers – and you! – joining us here in the future.

Acharya Shunya Pratichi Mathur
Alan Finger
Anne Minter
Camella Nair
Dana Damara
Danni Pomplun
Derek Cook
Desiree Rumbaugh
Dianne Bondy
Duilia Turner
Ebony Smith

Eric Paskel
Felicia Tomasko
Greg Nardi
Guru Singh
James Fox
Jonathan Miles
Judy Weaver
Kamini Desai
Kino MacGregor
Kirantana Khalsa
Lea Kraemer

Louise Goldberg
Mandar Apte
Marc Halpern
Marsha Danzig
Mary Irby
Pamela Stokes-Eggleston
Pat Lillis
Paulie Zink
Peter Sterios
Rama Jyoti Vernon
Ravi Singh
Reggie Hubbard

Ricky Tran
Ruth Hartung
Sara Ivanhoe
Sarah Finger
Sat Bir Khalsa
Saul David Raye
Stacie Dooreck
Tim Feldman


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