Why Is Your Yoga Practice Important to You?

Yoga is a lifelong journey – I’m on board for life and always refining.

Balance, peace, health, truth, and clarity.

It accelerates the pace of my personal evolution, in all ways.

Because it keeps me peaceful and healthy and in alignment with my soul and purpose.

Because it connects me deeper to humanity and to the practice off-the-mat

It helps to keep me somewhat sane.

life. peace. freedom. humility. compassion. awareness.

It is the pathway to my own growth and awareness.

Yoga is among my most important self-care and personal therapy practices.

It’s a blueprint to being comfortable in my own skin

It keeps me alive.

Yoga is everything

My Yoga practice is my inner sanctuary where I reconnect with poise and serenity in the middle of life’s demands.

Yoga is my pathway toward Divine guidance on a daily basis.

keeps mind & body flexible, steady & open

My yoga practice always brings me back to my center in the present moment.

The energetics of my practice is a part of my life; the art is inseparable from my way of being in the world.

It informs my path and purpose and helps me be congruent with what I’m teaching.

My yoga practice brings me both peace of mind and the fire to create an action (karma)

My yoga practice gives me the balance of mind, body, and spirit to be able to serve humanity from a grounded, whole place of love, and devotion for our collective healing and transformation.

Yoga brings peace and comfort, especially during difficult periods.

I practice yoga because it allows me to elevate my consciousness and character

Yoga is a practice for how I want to live my life.

Yoga provides me with tools that enhances my personal and professional development.

Because practicing yoga confers benefits on the body, nervous system, and mind all at the same time.

My being wants freedom and my heart needs stillness.

Practicing doesn’t mean I get it perfect every time; it actually means we need more practice.

Return to the Light: Dana Damara’s Yoga Astrology for the Equinox

Mar 17, 2021Beyond Asana

equinox astrology yoga dana damara

How can we as yogis harness the power of the equinox? Dana Damara is a master teacher, shamanic healer, and astrologist based out of Southern California. She began her yoga journey almost 20 years ago which has included working with prenatal women, new mothers, children, teens, elderly, and individuals recovering from injury and/or mental health issues. A published author, Reiki Master, and entrepreneur, Dana is also a mother, speaker, author, coach, and servant of the heart. She sits on the Yoga Unify Governing Council for Education and Qualification.

Catch Dana’s equinox yoga class on Saturday March 20, 2021. Sign-up information here. Want to go deeper? Check out her free YouTube classes, and astrology x yoga offerings

By Dana Damara

On March 19, 2021 at 8:50pm PST, we experience the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. “Equinox” defined is the time or date, at which the Sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of approximately equal length. This is a time of renewal, when we begin to come out of the dark and into the light.

And wow, it’s been dark hasn’t it? 

But darkness is necessary. Without it, how do we have the time/space to truly do inward? Yogis say that the inward journey is paramount to understand and remember who we truly are. As a practitioner, teacher, trainer, and a mother, I can personally affirm that wisdom. We’re taught to forge our own way, create our destiny, avoid the dark and anything painful. But in truth, we must remember to honor the dark and light equally, and allow the divine to clarify that which we need to release and nourish accordingly.

When we hold equal space for light and dark, we are able to truly gain karmic lessons. It’s in the ebb and flow of the breath; the moments between postures, the falling out of a pose. Like the planets and the stars, and the cosmic reality of infinite existence, we tend to forget that we too are of that same essence. We forget we are pulsating with these rhythms. falling in and out of “orbit” with the flow of the “Multiverse.”

The practice of yoga, meditation, and breath-work is a path back to remembrance. And so is looking at the celestial orchestra for answers. This last year has been illuminating at its best, devastating at its worst; and every moment in between has been a gift. If you are reading this, you are heading into the light of a new year.

And I say new year because just after the sun crosses the equator, it enters into Aries—the first sign of the zodiac. This is the season of new beginnings; a breath of fresh air. Hopefully you took the time during the darkness to rest, rejuvenate, realign and heal the ways in which you fell out of cosmic (or karmic) alignment.

If it’s one thing yoga offers, it’s an opportunity to come back into the rhythm of life. As we breathe and move, we connect with the essence of who we are. When we do this on a regular basis, our koshas align—the layers find their groove—and pieces of ourselves that were lost, or strewn about, come back together to provide us with clarity, strength, and love.

The intentions you set at each new moon are powerful. And, realignment at the equinox, with Aries holding the sun, are seeds planted at the perfect time as an offering for a new life. You will need to tend to that garden—commit to its prosperity, and devote your practice in a new way, as this truly is a new way of being for us all.

Here’s another little snippet of influence you should know about: Chiron, the sacred warrior of healing is also in Aries, offering up generations of healing potential. Venus is kissing the sun on that same day. Love, abundance, beauty and value all illuminated for you to see, embody, and fall into. And, Neptune sits with Venus’ has been since the new moon. Dreams manifest when you believe.

So, what to do? Get quiet, go inward before this illumination. Make a list of people you can forgive—and maybe start with yourself. Grieve what you lost. Appreciate what you gained. Drop into imagining your most lovely life. And then, offer that up to the divine as well, because with the support of this infinite wealth of wisdom, cosmic pull and love, everything is possible. Devote yourself to the practice of breath-work, internal gazing and moving your body with the pulse of the Universe. One foot in front of the other, into the light of who you are.

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