Why Is Your Yoga Practice Important to You?

Yoga is a lifelong journey – I’m on board for life and always refining.

Balance, peace, health, truth, and clarity.

It accelerates the pace of my personal evolution, in all ways.

Because it keeps me peaceful and healthy and in alignment with my soul and purpose.

Because it connects me deeper to humanity and to the practice off-the-mat

It helps to keep me somewhat sane.

life. peace. freedom. humility. compassion. awareness.

It is the pathway to my own growth and awareness.

Yoga is among my most important self-care and personal therapy practices.

It’s a blueprint to being comfortable in my own skin

It keeps me alive.

Yoga is everything

My Yoga practice is my inner sanctuary where I reconnect with poise and serenity in the middle of life’s demands.

Yoga is my pathway toward Divine guidance on a daily basis.

keeps mind & body flexible, steady & open

My yoga practice always brings me back to my center in the present moment.

The energetics of my practice is a part of my life; the art is inseparable from my way of being in the world.

It informs my path and purpose and helps me be congruent with what I’m teaching.

My yoga practice brings me both peace of mind and the fire to create an action (karma)

My yoga practice gives me the balance of mind, body, and spirit to be able to serve humanity from a grounded, whole place of love, and devotion for our collective healing and transformation.

Yoga brings peace and comfort, especially during difficult periods.

I practice yoga because it allows me to elevate my consciousness and character

Yoga is a practice for how I want to live my life.

Yoga provides me with tools that enhances my personal and professional development.

Because practicing yoga confers benefits on the body, nervous system, and mind all at the same time.

My being wants freedom and my heart needs stillness.

Practicing doesn’t mean I get it perfect every time; it actually means we need more practice.

Governing Council on
Community Investment



Investing in the community for the purpose of stewarding systemic change so that we all may pivot during this time of great transformation to a community that embraces all in the practice of yoga, innovates new ways of sharing, and tends to the roots of the practice, will not only have the lasting impact of expanding the reach of yoga's benefits for all but will support the community in navigating these changes.

– Heather Sheree Titus

Anticipated Outcomes:

Founding Council

Duilia Turner

Duilia Turner is the founder of Integrative World, a community focused on promoting balanced lifestyles.

For eleven years “Dui” lived in the islands of Hawaii where she studied a variety of healing arts including Tai Chi, Qi Gong, sound therapy, and Yoga. She has conducted meditation and Yoga classes in the United States and abroad and has led empowering courses based on the program “Calling in the One” from the bestseller author Katherine Woodward Thomas.

Dui is also a military officer in the United States Air Force. She has been able to bridge her military life with her love for yoga, mindfulness, and wellness to educate and awake interest in healthy living.

She has served as an ambassador for two non-profits: Mindful Yoga Therapy and Warrior One. She has contributed to various Yoga blogs, public talks, and Yoga for Veterans trainings. Most recently, she has collaborated with the Give Back Yoga Foundation and Connected Warriors to create “Yoga Readiness Kits” for active-duty military members, completely free of charge. Now re-located to Miami, Dui continues to share her passion for wellness, service, and quality of life.

Dui completed the “Yoga Philosophy Intensive Course” offered by the AC Foundation in Hawaii. She has earned 200-hr and 500-hr Yoga certifications, specializing in Yoga for veterans coping with Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). She is also a Transformative Coach, certified Reiki Master, and Health Coach. She is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Dui holds a B.S. in Meteorology, an MBA in Global Management, and a MA in International Relations.

Heather Shereé Titus

Heather, Founding Director Yoga Unify, is passionate about bringing authentic yoga to the global conscious community across a variety of platforms. Her commitment to building community and offering service in the field of yoga, arts, sustainability, and consciousness is reflected in decades of community building, community event and festival creation and direction, and program development. Heather has produced and directed the annual Sedona Yoga Festival in beautiful Sedona, AZ since 2013. She co-created Aumbase Sedona, a multi-disciplinary studio of authentic yoga teachers and an on the land guide service for yoga and sound healing on the red rocks of Sedona, AZ. Heather studies and teaches in the Hatha tradition.

J Miles

From the teachings of Swami Satchidananda and Integral Yoga, along with Ashtanga, Jivamukti and other prominent systems of yoga, Yogi J has crafted a style tempered by humor, relies on the importance of breath, and aims to create for each person a fluid, sustainable and enjoyable practice. Understanding that even ancient practice continues to evolve, the mantra continues to be “practice is effort toward steadiness of mind”.

Currently J Miles resides in his hometown of Richmond Va, loving four children while working to improve his community through his co-founded organization, Project Yoga Richmond (PYR). He teaches classes locally at PYR, and Om On Yoga, where he serves as lead ERYT for the Om On Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Kim Bauman

Kim Bauman has been a yoga teacher since 2009, and founded One Love Movement in 2012 upon realizing her purpose in life, to advocate for social justice for kids who don’t have a voice. She has taught yoga at events upwards of 900+ in attendance, in 2015 was invited to speak at Deepak Chopra’s Global Meditation for Compassion and lead the yoga class after Deepak’s meditation and in 2018 was invited to tour with Kerri Walsh Jennings’s p1440 as the event’s yoga teacher.

Kim has appeared and had mentions on NBC, CBS, ABC, KUSI, The New York Times, San Diego Magazine, Pacific Magazine/DiscoverSD, The SD Union Tribune, SD Reader, Yoga Digest, Ranch & Coast Magazine, The Del Mar Times; keynote speaker for The Chopra Center, Lawrence Welk Resorts, Hera Hub, Oliver McMillan; an honoree for the 2016 Tony Gwynn Lasting Legacy & Inspiration Award; and a lululemon ambassador.

With a passion to share people’s stories, Kim created a podcast & live event which kicked off with guests: Kathryn Budig, Seane Corn, Jason Mraz, Academy Awards movie producer Charles Roven, 3x Gold Olympian Kerri Walsh Jennings, Michael Franti, Trevor Hall.

Kim’s nonprofit, One Love Movement, raises money & awareness advocating for kids world-wide with past & current projects focused in San Diego, San Francisco, Haiti, Tanzania, Puerto Rico, India, and Seoul Korea.

Kourtney De La Luz

I was introduced to the practice by my mother in the early 1990s. We were a Colorado family of yogis and vegetarians (mostly vegan) well before it was in vogue. In those times Boulder was our yoga hot spot. It was always the philosophy that interested me most. I have always thought that yoga, like all practices of truth and dignity, has within it the capacity to reform the world.

I prefer to call myself a person who shares yoga rather than a yoga teacher, but for the sake of this writing, I will share that I began teaching yoga in 2014. I was hesitant to begin teaching because my practice is very sacred and personal. Much of my work in the yoga space has been around yoga philosophy and modern-day applications, soul-full leadership for the yoga teacher/industry, holistic well-being, and DEI.

My professional roots are in broadcast journalism, and I have parlayed my background into corporate communications strategy and public relations. Having been a student of Eastern philosophy, metaphysics, ancient healing traditions, and spirituality for decades; I am most passionate about raising human consciousness. I have collaborated on humanitarian and community yoga projects with SAATH Nepal, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Art of Living, and organizations throughout Latin America.

I am a keynote speaker, consultant, philanthropist, and advocate of us all being well and winning. Skilled in the creation and enhancement of community, I am the founder of the East Meets West Yoga Event and principal of Elevate Your Life Coaching and Consultancy Group.

Lisa Faremouth Weber

Lisa Faremouth Weber is the founder of Heaven Meets Earth Yoga, Chicago Yoga Project, and The Illuminated Soul 200 Hour and Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings. CYP offers trauma-sensitive yoga, lifestyle, and nutrition to adjudicated youth She produced the Yoga for Pregnancy DVD and the documentary short film “The Future of Yoga: Your Pathway to Happiness” which is showing on OmStars online yoga platform. Lisa has traveled internationally as a teacher trainer in the mind/body space for over 35 years. She presents Ashtanga for Everybody, Chakradance, Kundalini, Radiant Child Yoga, PreNatal. Yamas and Niyamas, Yoga Lifestyle & Nutrition for Optimum Health, Pilates/Yoga Fusion, Yoga Nidra, Reiki. Lisa graduated from Northwestern University, is currently on their Mind/Body teaching staff Lisa is a weight loss and optimum health coach for foodfuels.com

Mike Huggins

Mike is the founder and Executive Director of Transformation Yoga Project (TYP). He has been practicing yoga since 2004. Since 2010, Mike has dedicated his time and passion to provide individuals in justice and recovery settings access to mindfulness-based yoga practices, which have been proven to improve self-regulation while reducing depression, stress and anxiety. A registered yoga instructor (200 E-RYT), Mike continues to be an active teacher in addiction recovery centers, prisons and hospitals while also serving as a key spokesperson, fundraiser and board member for the organization. Mike has a B.S. degree from Villanova University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and has been featured on NPR, ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC news as well as the Yoga Journal and Yoga International. He is the author of Going Om: A CEO’s Self Discovery Behind Bars and co-author of Yoga for Recovery, A Practical Guide for Healing. He is also a contributor for Best Practices for Yoga with Veterans and Best Practices for Yoga in the Criminal Justice System. Mike is also active in several other justice oriented organizations.

Raj Palsingh

Reggie Hubbard

Reggie began his yoga journey in November 2014 seeking to alchemize and navigate extreme professional adversity.  Through disciplined practice, ruthless focus and surrender to inner peace he has adopted the yogic path, now as a 500 hour certified yoga teacher who has extensively studied with leading teachers such as Faith Hunter, Amy Ippoliti, Yogarupa Rod Stryker and Sri Dharma Mittra and countless other amazing teachers he has encountered along the way.   

Reggie teaches Members of Congress, Congressional Staff, leading progressive organizations and individuals, sharing techniques for growing peace and ease as a foundation, not an afterthought.  He also advises yoga communities, yoga studios, teachers and the broader wellness industry on the importance of diversity and inclusion, opening the practice to all and eliminating exclusionary cultures and habits.  

His teaching practice is designed for all levels and lifestyles, the only thing required is an open mind.   The focus of his teaching is to bring more peace and balance to activists AND to guide the wellness community toward being more engaged, concerned citizens.   Achieving this balance is how we catalyze transformative change.

In addition to his yogic activities, Reggie has held many senior strategic and logistical roles across a variety of fields, ranging from global marketing, digital and community organizing, government relations, international education to Presidential campaigning.   He currently serves as a senior political strategist for a leading progressive campaigning organization, managing their relationships, impact and communications with Capitol Hill.  He received a B.A. in philosophy from Yale University and an MBA in international strategy from the Vlerick Business School in Belgium. 

Rob Schware

Rob Schware, PhD, heads the Give Back Yoga Foundation and the Yoga Service Council, and writes for the Huffington Post. Rob brought his two decades of management experience with the World Bank to help grow the yoga service movement as a second career. He wanted to combine his development and project management expertise in over 30 countries (including India, Indonesia, Turkey, Rwanda, and Palestine) with his passion for yoga by forming an organization whose mission it is to bring yoga to underserved populations.

Sat Bir Khalsa

Sat Bir S. Khalsa, PhD, is assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Research Director for Kripalu. His research on yoga for mental health in public schools, insomnia, anxiety disorders, and chronic stress; his Harvard ebook Your Brain on Yoga; and the medical textbook The Principles and Practice of Yoga in Health Care, which he co-edited, have established him as a world-renowned yoga researcher, collaborator, author, and speaker.


The Founding Governing Council on Community Investment began meeting Fall 2020 to reveal strategies for redistributing the majority of revenue above operating expenses back out into the yoga community in the form of grants for professionals, scholarships for all, and funding for research.

Founding Circle Members are regularly queried and have access to council session records through the member portal. 

Community Investment Governing Council meets the 4th Monday of the month 6pm – 7:30pm Pacific Time.

Beginning sometime in 2021, Yoga Unify will accept nominations to run for any of the three Governing Councils and put a vote to membership.

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