Why Is Your Yoga Practice Important to You?

Yoga is a lifelong journey – I’m on board for life and always refining.

Balance, peace, health, truth, and clarity.

It accelerates the pace of my personal evolution, in all ways.

Because it keeps me peaceful and healthy and in alignment with my soul and purpose.

Because it connects me deeper to humanity and to the practice off-the-mat

It helps to keep me somewhat sane.

life. peace. freedom. humility. compassion. awareness.

It is the pathway to my own growth and awareness.

Yoga is among my most important self-care and personal therapy practices.

It’s a blueprint to being comfortable in my own skin

It keeps me alive.

Yoga is everything

My Yoga practice is my inner sanctuary where I reconnect with poise and serenity in the middle of life’s demands.

Yoga is my pathway toward Divine guidance on a daily basis.

keeps mind & body flexible, steady & open

My yoga practice always brings me back to my center in the present moment.

The energetics of my practice is a part of my life; the art is inseparable from my way of being in the world.

It informs my path and purpose and helps me be congruent with what I’m teaching.

My yoga practice brings me both peace of mind and the fire to create an action (karma)

My yoga practice gives me the balance of mind, body, and spirit to be able to serve humanity from a grounded, whole place of love, and devotion for our collective healing and transformation.

Yoga brings peace and comfort, especially during difficult periods.

I practice yoga because it allows me to elevate my consciousness and character

Yoga is a practice for how I want to live my life.

Yoga provides me with tools that enhances my personal and professional development.

Because practicing yoga confers benefits on the body, nervous system, and mind all at the same time.

My being wants freedom and my heart needs stillness.

Practicing doesn’t mean I get it perfect every time; it actually means we need more practice.

Reasons to Join Yoga Unify, from Our Founding Members

Dec 21, 2020Beyond Asana

hands reaching for one another reasons to join yoga unify community organization

There are lots of reasons to join Yoga Unify. Take it from our Founding Members. There’s the fact that Yoga Unify is building the first-of-its-kind non-profit, created by yogis, for yogis. There’s the idea that we’re working with yoga teachers and students to help identify pathways to lifelong learning—no matter where you are in your yoga journey. And then there are the issues of access and support: The directory we’re building allows all members to list their profile and their offerings. Because it’s searchable by yoga type, level, and location (including virtual), it doesn’t require potential students to know a teacher’s name in order to be connected with the best fit for them. This makes Yoga Unify the first organization to provide first-time practitioners with a guided course to entry—reducing the hurdle for many to be a bit more manageable. We’re a resource, not a top-down directorate.

As we wind down the year and look back at all we’ve gotten off the ground in 2020—no small feat in such a tough year!—we’re grateful for all the teachers and community leaders who have committed to joining us in this mission. There is no shortage of reasons why a teacher would join YU, and we’re pleased to share just some of them with you. Founding Circle Memberships are still available for a limited time—get in on the ground floor of Yoga Unify, and help us build the community resource you need.

Need more inspiration? Read on for just some of the reasons to join Yoga Unify. Have one to share? Let us know by reaching out on social media. We’d love to hear from you.

We joined because we believe in the overall mission of Yoga Unify.

  • Louise Goldberg: I think it’s extremely valuable to connect yoga teachers and practitioners with those who share their passions and those who may offer support along this journey.
  • Wah!: We need community. We need integrity. We need models of gratitude.
  • Eric Paskel: Because yoga, ironically, could use some unification.
  • Guru Singh: Because I celebrate every chance I get, and Yoga Unify is another opportunity for all of us as yogis to collectively celebrate our journey into a brighter future.
  • Paulie Zink: I really appreciate being acknowledged by Yoga Unify and asked to participate in the formulation of a progressive approach to the yoga profession and training models.
  • Anne Minter: I was asked to be involved, and Yoga Unify is, form my perspective, the front-line effort that is elevating and defining the yoga profession. It is a shoe that fits me (maybe better than any other).
  • Sarah Platt-Finger: I am impressd and moved by its mission to change the way people are able to navigate through the complex roadmap which is modern day yoga. Yoga Unify is a very thorough and well thought out system of making growth accessible to many different people on many different paths.

We joined because we believe it’s time for a change, and we have unique perspectives to share.

  • Reggie Hubbard: Because I am blessed to be at the forefront of the union of yoga and politics/social justice as it pertains to the progressive activist community.   I have personally taken my teaching practice to several Members of Congress and leading organizations like the DNC, DCCC, Planned Parenthood Federation and the League of Conservation Voters.
  • Kim Bauman: Because I see that YU is going to change how the yoga world listens. Based on the way our Western culture has changed yoga, we’re not fully listening. I want to be a part of spearheading and creating lasting change. I love how YU is bridging our Western culture with the purpose of yoga, yet forward thinking enough and current enough to be heard by our modern yoga world.
  • Dana Damara: I believe in processes changing and growing along with the world. I believe it is time for change and growth in the yoga industry.  The tides are shifting and Yoga Unify embodies philosophies I believe in.
  • Greg Nardi: I do feel that the yoga community has hit a crisis point that calls for change. I am hopeful that an organization like Yoga Unify that democratizes and organizes the yoga community can create equity in professional opportunities, and makes the healing power of yoga more accessible. I love the dual mission of honoring tradition and stewarding growth. It is a recognition that honors the cultural traditions of yoga past and present while remaining forward looking.
  • Mary Irby: I believe the organization has some great ideas about creating a stronger yoga community and I believe my years of yoga practice plus my BI/AI management background could be an asset.
  • Dui Turner: I trust Judy Weaver and her vision. I think there is a need for a “think-tank-like” organization in the yoga community that supports teachers and practitioners and that honors knowledge from many different backgrounds.

We joined because we believe in the co-founders’ vision.

  • Camella Nair: I respect Heather and what she is putting out there in the world as a big improvement on what’s out there for the community now.
  • Dr. Marc Halpern: Quite simply, I trust Heather Sheree Titus who invited me and I consider it a great honor to be asked to contribute.
  • Peter Sterios: I was inspired by the board members I have spoken with and the stated goals of the organization to bring about a much needed change in the certification and support of professional yoga teachers.

What will be your reason to join Yoga Unify? Click here to join the Founding Circle and become a part of what we’re building. 

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