Why Is Your Yoga Practice Important to You?

Yoga is a lifelong journey – I’m on board for life and always refining.

Balance, peace, health, truth, and clarity.

It accelerates the pace of my personal evolution, in all ways.

Because it keeps me peaceful and healthy and in alignment with my soul and purpose.

Because it connects me deeper to humanity and to the practice off-the-mat

It helps to keep me somewhat sane.

life. peace. freedom. humility. compassion. awareness.

It is the pathway to my own growth and awareness.

Yoga is among my most important self-care and personal therapy practices.

It’s a blueprint to being comfortable in my own skin

It keeps me alive.

Yoga is everything

My Yoga practice is my inner sanctuary where I reconnect with poise and serenity in the middle of life’s demands.

Yoga is my pathway toward Divine guidance on a daily basis.

keeps mind & body flexible, steady & open

My yoga practice always brings me back to my center in the present moment.

The energetics of my practice is a part of my life; the art is inseparable from my way of being in the world.

It informs my path and purpose and helps me be congruent with what I’m teaching.

My yoga practice brings me both peace of mind and the fire to create an action (karma)

My yoga practice gives me the balance of mind, body, and spirit to be able to serve humanity from a grounded, whole place of love, and devotion for our collective healing and transformation.

Yoga brings peace and comfort, especially during difficult periods.

I practice yoga because it allows me to elevate my consciousness and character

Yoga is a practice for how I want to live my life.

Yoga provides me with tools that enhances my personal and professional development.

Because practicing yoga confers benefits on the body, nervous system, and mind all at the same time.

My being wants freedom and my heart needs stillness.

Practicing doesn’t mean I get it perfect every time; it actually means we need more practice.

10 Reasons to Practice Yoga, According to Our Founding Members

Jan 19, 2021Practice

reasons to practice yoga

There’s no shortage of reasons to practice yoga, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or a combination. On of the goals of Yoga Unify is to provide a space for yogis to come together and discuss how to continue to evolve the practice to one that’s more equitable and acessible—and for everyone to have an opportunity to weigh in. We reached out to our Founding Circle Members to get an understanding as to why they practice, and how yoga has impacted their lives. Many are yoga teachers or leaders of their commuities, committed to helping spread yoga to all. Want to join them in the Founding Circle and weigh in? We’d love to welcome you to what we’re building, together. Click here for more information.

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My yoga practice is my life. I wouldn’t be who I am and where I am today without my practice, the teachings, and my teachers. I have been able to heal old wounds, stay sober, and grow my world from within. I consistently learn and discover more about myself, and in turn translate that into being able to learn more about those around me. I have had exponential growth in abundance, Spirit, and faith since diving deep into my practice a few years ago, and I know and feel my dharma is to continue to move forward gifting others the same gifts I have been given to be able to unite and raise the vibration of our planet and beyond. – Anand Avtar Kaur

I live yoga, I don’t practice yoga. – Stephanie Spence

My practice is important because it has help me through many chapters in my life where I could not be myself. I was in and out of yoga studios, or had a self-practice for years, and decided to be more consistent and take it further in 2019 to learn about it—not just do what im seeing in studio or from watching it. It made me feel great. My mind would calm and I was more relaxed. I had confidence, self-love, and awareness. I want to help others within the practice just like the practice has done for me so then I started to teach adults and kids. I’m committed to taking more trainings also for more continued growth and development. – Chantia Thompson

Practicing yoga keeps me balanced and living a more compassionate, empathetic, peaceful life. The Eight Limbs of yoga are my guide for living. When I encounter an issue in life, I try to figure out how I can resolve the issue using the tenets of yoga. I look closely at the information in the Gita and Sutras, such as how the kleshas create suffering. This helps me find balance and resolve life’s issues in a way that feels right to me. – Mary Irby

Practicing yoga keeps me grounded and has carried me through periods of trauma. I have also witnessed the power of the practice for people dealing with trauma and/or substance abuse. – Mike Huggins

It is my medicine for well-being, my offering to the world. Yoga has helped me heal everything from my childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, weight-loss, relationship problems. Yoga has helped me be a better mother, wife, and person. Yoga has allowed me to connect with my bliss. – Lisa Faremouth Weber

It helps keep me centered, and through teaching and practicing yoga, sound meditation, bhakti yoga, pranayama, and other modalities, I come closer to my true essence and help my clients do the same. – Johanna Beekman

Practicing yoga did nothing but make me feel more pain (7 years) until I found a guru who could help me understand yoga. That understanding brought an immediate change and ended 30 years of depression. I’ve now lived 12 years depression free. – Ramdas

Balance. The mat is a place to explore what’s really going on within me and around me. – Sigrid Strebe

As a semi-retired doctor who has used yoga to for personal healing for PTSD/chronic health conditions, I am pursuing teacher training to learn/implement therapeutic yoga modalities and mindfulness/meditation techniques to practice holistic health. – Piper Lillehoff

Yoga Unify wants to hear from you! For an opportunity to help create an organization that best serves you, join us in the Founding Circle. Click here for more information.

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