Why Is Your Yoga Practice Important to You?

Yoga is a Lifelong Journey – I’m On Board for Life and Always Refining.

Balance, Peace, Health, Truth, Clarity come from Yoga.

Yoga Accelerates the Pace of my Personal Evolution; In All Ways.

Yoga, because it keeps me Peaceful and Healthy and in Alignment with my Soul and Purpose.

Yoga, because it Connects Me Deeper to Humanity and to the Practice that is Off-the-Mat.

Yoga Helps to Keep Me (somewhat) Sane.

Yoga is Life, Peace, Freedom, Humility, Compassion, Awareness.

Yoga is a Pathway to my Growth and Awareness.

Yoga is an Important Self-Care and Personal Therapy Practices.

Yoga is a Blueprint to Being Comfortable in My Own Skin.

Yoga Keeps Me Consciously Breathing.

Yoga is the Beginning of Everything.

My Yoga Practice is My Inner Sanctuary Where I Reconnect with Poise and Serenity Daily.

Yoga is a Pathway to Divine Guidance.

Yoga Keeps Mind and Body Flexible, Steady & Open.

My Yoga Practice Always Brings to the Center of the Present Moment. 

The Energetics of My Practice is a Part of My Life, an Art Form that is Inseparable from my Way of Being in my World.

Yoga Informs my Path and Purpose.

My Yoga Practice Brings Me Both Peace of Mind and the Fire to Create an Action (MY Karma).

My Yoga Practice Gives Me the Balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit to be able to Serve Humanity from a Grounded, Whole Place of Love and Devotion for our Collective Healing and Transformation.

Yoga brings Peace and Comfort in Every Breath I Take, On or Off the Mat.

I Practice Yoga because it Allows Me to Elevate my Consciousness and Character.

Yoga is a Practice for How I Want to Live My Life.

Yoga Provides Me with Tools that Enhances my Personal and Professional Development.

Practicing Yoga Confers Benefits onto the Body, Nervous System, and Mind.

My Being Wants the Freedom and My Heart Needs the Stillness Discovered by the Practice of Yoga.

Practicing You is art of Imperfection that Signals We Need More Practice. 

Yoga Teachers to Encourage Teachers—Building a Supportive Community

Apr 27, 2021Future of Yoga

yoga teachers professional supportive community

by Allison Rissel

If you had a yoga question, who would you ask? Google? A FB Group? Maybe other yoga teachers at your studio? Do you have access to a well-respected and knowledgable yoga teacher?

Many teachers don’t feel like they belong to a community of other yoga teachers outside of their local studio. In 2020, many of our studios shut down and teachers felt even more isolated and alone. We have more questions than answers and we search for answers online and find conflicting information. We don’t know who to trust, and then feel overwhelmed with information, alone on our teaching path and frustrated with the lack of support for teachers.

But if the past year taught us anything, it’s that change is possible. The past year has been a watershed moment for the yoga industry, revealing not only ways in which teachers can take back their power from the traditional studio system, but also revealing fissures in the veneer of the community that need to be fixed. Coming together in supportive community and convesation is one way that we can begin to address some of the issues that have been revealed. Yoga Unify, of couse, is working to uplevel the profession of yoga, and doing so by both focusing on ways to preserve the tradition and steward the forward evolution of the practice. It’s just one reason that I couldn’t be more excited to welcome its co-founders as panelists during the Yoga Teacher Conf.

I started the Yoga Teacher Conf as a way to connect yoga teachers with affordable resources, and to create a community in support of yoga professionals. We imagine a world in which the vast majority of yoga teachers wake up every day feeling valued and respected for the work that they do. They are committed to the teachings of yoga and end their day fulfilled and inspired. This is what the Yoga Teacher Conf is committed to help yoga teachers advance towards that world.

The virtual conference will be held on May 21–23. Our aim is to help you go from a burned out and overwhelmed yoga teacher to a thriving yoga professional.

This 3-day event features over 50 hours of workshops to help you:

  • Develop your yoga business
  • Teach beyond asana
  • Live your yoga with integrity
  • Create fresh and inspiring classes
  • Learn anatomy
  • Engage in critical conversations

But most importantly… you’ll walk away with CONFIDENCE in your yoga teaching for 2021! Join us this May as we kick-off the Yoga Teacher Conf virtually, grow to in-person events in 2022, and elevate the entire yoga teacher industry.

Help us build a community of inspired, connected and supportive yoga teachers. Join us for the Yoga Teacher Conf this May! Yoga Unify co-founders will be speaking on a panel on Saturday, May 22 at 2pm ET.

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